Career in Digital Marketing

Who has time in today’s world to spend more and earn less ! Your time is valuable. Your money is valuable.

There are 4 key rules to give a thought for before you set out to start a career:

  1. Well planned investments (both time and money) are topmost priority.
  2. Your interest and strength areas matters.
  3. Your hard work gets you there.
  4. Luck may play but do not be blindfolded.

Digital marketing has created a buzz across the globe. Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium. Until 2010, businesses did not take digital marketing seriously. But the wave associated with this industry is so powerful that it is undoubtedly the most favorable time to be a part of this booming industry. How does it’s wave become so strong?

Basic Skills required for Successful Digital Marketing career

Communication Skills:

Shy to talk to your peers? Next time you feel that you are shy, just practice to be outspoken. It will really enhance your communication skills which are a basic necessity for digital marketing.

Analytical Ability:

Ah! Math again? Dude, you better have an analytical mind or your measurability as a digital marketer may hamper your success.


On a start of your career, you must be willing to work and work. Which means, you must have 10 hands and 10 minds all coordinated at a single point in time. It really helps to meet deadlines bang on time.


Are you a socialite? Aha! Yes, you are in the right spot because any sort of marketing demands large networks.


The humongous amount of content and conversations on digital medium creates a challenge in terms of creativity. You definitely need to think out of the box, every time you land in the market.

Willingness to experimentation:

Beware! Only enter if you are willing to experiment. This digital marketing field is a newbie and it still is in the experimentation phase.

Comfort with technology:

I may not need to tell you about this. Obviously, you need to be a tech pro to start your digital marketing career.

You’ve got all of these basic skill set. Your next step is to learn the next skill set to be a digital marketer. You need to play each and every role for at least 5 years to become a pro in digital marketing. You must be a:

a content writer and generator,

a graphic designer,

a keyword planner,

an SEO specialist,

an SMM specialist,

a copy writer,

a conversion rate optimizer.


That’s a play of careers in digital marketing. You name it and you have to be a pro in it. But I may assure you, it is really an interesting stage. You need to perform your best. It has got it all-name, fame and game.

If you wish to have an in-depth knowledge of what digital marketing is, you may refer to my other blog “Simple theory of complex Digital Marketing.”

Toodles. Make it count. Signing out. Leave your comments below.